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Callaway ALLSPORT GPS Watch Review

Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars.

callaway allsport gps watch review


  • Hazard distance display.
  • Over 30,000 preloaded courses.
  • Measures your shot distances.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Stylish and sturdy design.
  • Battery lasts 8-12 rounds in GPS mode.
  • Can track other sports data including swimming, running, and cycling.
  • Can track fitness data such as steps.


  • Minor connection issues

Performance Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars.

Build Quality Rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Look & Feel Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Price Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars.


As more smartwatches and wearables come out to appeal to the fitness communities, the Callaway ALLSPORT is Callaway’s signaling that the billion dollar multi-national golfing brand is throwing it’s (golf) gloves into the arena. The ALLSPORT is the first watch specifically designed for the golfing community that has a multi-sport functionality.

The Callaway ALLSPORT stands true to its name and functions as an excellent tracker for multiple sports. This is great for golfers that are active in other sports, but if you are purely interested for something to wear while golfing and nothing else, the Callaway ALLSPORT is still a valuable tool to have. The ALLSPORT isn’t exorbitantly priced for its multiple-sport functionality, and is still a relatively affordable smartwatch to have.

callaway allsport gps watch review

Key Features

  1. Elegant, sleek, sporty design.
  2. Shows distance to hazards.
  3. Allows you to receive full notifications for smartphone alerts such as calls, texts, and emails.
  4. Over 30,000 preloaded international courses.
  5. 8-12 hours of battery life.
  6. Easy charge.
  7. Multi-sport capacity.
  8. Fitness tracking.
  9. Large face.

Callaway ALLSPORT GPS Golf Watch Review

When it comes to golf watches, there has been a progression to provide a more holistic experience on and off the green. The Callaway ALLSPORT is a push for Callaway to modernize its golf accessories and offer a golf watch that appeals to more younger and active crowds. While there aren’t any substantial updates from the traditional features you can find on a Callaway watch, these features are more than enough to keep any golf enthusiast satisfied.

Overall, the Callaway ALLSPORT might be one of the best golf watches on the market. It seems Callaway has intently listened to all the feedback from the users of its other products and worked hard to address all the issues in the ALLSPORT. What I like about the this watch is that it is also moderately priced, while also offering all the smartwatch wearable technology you would hope for something similarly priced that didn’t have the golf functionality.

callaway allsport watch

Performance of the Callaway ALLSPORT Watch Review:

The Callaway ALLSPORT is rated highly on virtually every review site for a reason: it functions exactly like its supposed to (and priced to), while also offering a bunch of other features to surpass user expectations. With over 30,000 courses via Callaway’s extensive course database, phenomenal customer support, and all the tracking goodies golf enthusiasts love, the ALLSPORT model is a solid buy.

Since the Callaway ALLSPORT is a newer watch, it doesn’t have much runway for longevity problems. The minor complains people have with this watch are that there may be minor connectivity issues with the Callaway app, but this seems more reflective of the app rather than the watch, as the Callaway ALLSPORT is very well built and contained.

Callaway ALLSPORT Watch Look and Feel:

The round face of the ALLSPORT is pretty large, making it easy to observe for its analytical features. While the large face is great from a functional standpoint, it’s understandable that the aesthetics come down to a personal preference. Some owners enjoy sporting the watch all day, whereas others that prefer a smaller face would opt for an alternative watch for their non-golf or other non-sport activities.

callaway allsport look and feel

The Callaway ALLSPORT looks exactly how a high quality elegant smartwatch should look, all while maintaining a sporty functionality and build. The high tech face paired with the rubber wrist-band play along nicely. It shows that Callaway really designed this watch to appeal to a more modern crowd, while also retaining all the elements that older and more traditional crowds enjoy.

Callaway ALLSPORT Watch Golf Features

callaway allsport gps watch features

This review primarily rates the Callaway ALLSPORT on its golfing features and capabilities, but it is worth noting that it does offer significant value off the course. The fitness tracker is a feature that many golf watches don’t have, and helps users track their steps, calories, and multi-sport training capabilities for a variety of sports including swimming, cycling, and running. The ALLSPORT gps golf watch can also sync to the free Callaway smartphone app to received emails, texts, and calls directly to the watch.

callaway allsport watch on amazon

One of the biggest factors many people consider when buying a Callaway product is the brand name. Callaway is known to make high quality golf products, and has been making them for decades. Additionally, beyond the pure brand value, comes the customer support and high quality updates that Callaway is able to offer for free.


The Callaway ALLSPORT started out at $249.99, but has been trending around $200. It only takes a few golf watch reviews that cover the features and price to understand that the ALLSPORT is well worth the money. The ability to track your fitness, golfing statistics with a precision, all while look stylish is something that makes your $200 more than well-spent.

Since the Callaway ALLSPORT is a newer watch, it’s not very likely to find a substantial discount for a used watch. That being said, the price is still very affordable for what it is. While you could get the golfing features the this watch offers at a lower price with another watch, the novelty, Callaway brand, and fitness tracking are all something that justifies the price.

Thanks for sticking around for this entire Callaway ALLSPORT GPS golf watch review.  This model seems to have a leg up on other Callaway models, such as the GPSy and eCLIPse, and could possibly be one of the best gps golf watches on the market.

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