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best golf gps watch to buyHey there, thanks for stopping by.  You are here because you want to know what the best golf GPS watch buy is, and we plan on helping out! is the #1 website for bringing readers in-depth, unbiased reviews on the top GPS golf watches on the market, so you are in good hands.

Best GPS Golf Watch – How to Choose the Best

I am not going to lie, there is no actual watch that rates the best.  Everyone that is interested in buying a GPS golf watch has different wants and needs, so it really comes down to what that individual desires.  I can tell you right now without a shred of doubt that Garmin, Bushnell, and Callaway lead the charge in this field, and they continuously put out amazing products.  However, you came to this website looking for answers, and that is EXACTLY what we plan on giving you!

We have spent a lot of time and effort reviewing the top golf watches on the market, it is what we do here.  During that time we have noticed better reviews, more features, and overall better user experiences with 2 models in particular.  Below we will list these 2 models, but please know that this is listed alphabetically not in order of rating.  The fact of the matter is that both of these watches are totally awesome, and you cannot go wrong with either one.  We will also briefly talk about each model, but leave you a link to the full review so you can dig deeper into it all.  Here are the 2 top best golf GPS watches to buy, according to us:

  • callaway allsport gps watch reviewCallaway ALLSPORT GPS Golf Watch – Everyone that visits this site plays golf, so I don’t have to tell you who Callaway is and what they are about.  Yes, they design and create high-quality golf products, and their golf watches are on point.  The ALLSPORT model has some pretty amazing features, like long-lasting battery life while in GPS mode, hazard displays, the ability to measure shot distance, Bluetooth connectivity, and many more.  This is our HIGHEST rated golf watch to date, and truly is one of the best on the market.  If you choose the Callaway ALLSPORT golf watch, you will not be disappointed.  To read a full and robust review of the Callaway ALLSPORT golf watch, click here now.
  • garmin approach s60 reviewGarmin Approach S60 golf Watch – Give a give a give a Garmin!  You’re welcome, now you will have that jingle in your head for the rest of the day 🙂 …  In all seriousness though, unless you have been living under a rock you know by now that Garmin is a WORLD LEADER in the GPS game, and the watches they bring to us for golf are no different.  While all of their models do a great job, the Approach S60 is the clear-cut winner.  Some of it’s more popular features include the massive course list, hazard and layup distances, a shot distance calculator, and much much more.  To read a full and robust review of the Garmin Approach S60 golf watch, click here now.

There you have it, folks.  You came here wanting to know what the best golf GPS watch to buy was, and we think we delivered!  Both of these golf watches would make a spectacular addition to any golfer’s arsenal of tools.  Whether you are looking for gift ideas or looking to purchase for yourself, you can’t go wrong with either of these elite models.

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